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  1. Name: The society shall be called and known by the name of "Anatomical Society of Sri Lanka" here after referred as ASSL.

  2. Objectives: The Objectives of the ASSL are to:

    1. Advance the knowledge and to promote research in Anatomical Sciences.
    2. Promote postgraduate education in Anatomical Sciences and Clinical Sciences.
    3. Promote fellowship among those engaged in the discipline of Anatomical Sciences.

  3. Members: The ASSL shall consists of the following categories of members:

    1. Members
    2. Fellows
    3. Honorary members
    4. Honorary fellows

  4. Any person who attends or is excused from the inaugural meeting of the ASSL and applied for membership within one month of such a meeting and has been enrolled as a member, shall be known as a "Founder Member".

  5. Admission to ordinary membership: A person possessing a MBBS, BDS, BVSc, BSc or any other professional qualification related to Anatomical Sciences recognized by the Council of ASSL shall be eligible for membership.

  6. Admission to Fellowship: The Council may from time to time elect members as Fellows of the ASSL in recognition of distinguished contributions to Anatomical Sciences.

  7. Admission to Honorary membership and Honorary fellowship: The Council may from time to time admit distinguished persons as honorary members or honorary fellows of the ASSL in recognition of their exceptional services.  Honorary fellows shall not be entitled to vote at meetings of the ASSL.

  8. FEES:

    1. Membership fees will be decided by the Council
    2. Members who are in default of membership fee for a period of two years shall lose the privilege of membership.

  9. The Council shall consist of total of 23 members:

    1. President
    2. Vice President
    3. Immediate Past President
    4. President elect
    5. Secretary
    6. Assistant Secretary
    7. Treasurer
    8. Assistant Treasurer
    9. Social Secretary
    10. Editor
    11. Assistant Editor
    12. Twelve other members

  10. Editor's duties - on behalf of the Council to publish, print issues and circulate the Journal of the ASSL and any other report, scientific work, circular, newsletter or periodical as may seem conductive to the promotions of the objectives of the Society or in any way beneficial to the Society.

  11. The Council shall be elected for a period of 1 year.

    1. The President shall preside at all meetings of the Council. In the absence of the President, the Vice President shall preside. In the absence of both the President and the Vice President the members of the present Council shall nominate one of its members to preside at such a meeting.
    2. The president shall be ex-officio member of all subcommittees. In the absence of the President the subcommittee shall elect any member of the subcommittee, present at such a meeting to preside.
    3. The president or the person presiding at any meeting of the society, the Council or a subcommittee shall have a casting vote at such a meeting.

  12. Secretary

    1. Secretary shall be elected for a period of 1 year.
    2. The duties of the Secretary shall be to:
      1. Convene meetings of the society and the Council.
      2. Circulate notice of such meetings and the agenda at least seven days prior to the date of such meetings.
      3. Maintain minutes of such meetings.
      4. Maintain records of the society.
    3. The Secretary or Asst. Secretary shall be an ex-officio member of every sub committee appointed by the Council.

  13. Treasurer

    1. The Treasurer shall be elected for a period of 1 year.
    2. The Treasurer shall be responsible for the management of the finances of the society and shall present the statement of accounts at the Annual General Meeting.

  14. Signing of cheques: Cheques will be signed on behalf of the society by the Treasurer and the President or the Secretary.

  15. Council

    The members of the Council elected under clause 9 shall be elected for a term of 1 year and shall be eligible for re-election. Any member who is absent for more than three consecutive meetings without an excuse shall cease to be a member of the Council.

    1. The Council shall meet at least once in every three months. The quorum for a meeting of the Council shall be nine.
    2. Powers & duties of the Council:
      1. The Council shall be responsible for the general administration of the society.
      2. The Council shall be responsible for the scientific affairs, workshops, seminars and academic programs of the society.
      3. The Council shall have the power to affiliate with any other society.
      4. The Council shall have the power to appoint subcommittees as it deems necessary and to co-opt the services of any such subcommittee.
      5. The Council shall have the power to elect members, Fellows, Honorary members and Honorary Fellows.
      6. The Council shall have the power to elect any member for a vacancy in the Council.
      7. The Council may hold examinations and appoint as and when necessary board of examiners required for conducting such examinations from time to time.
      8. The Council shall have the power to nominate for any specific purpose a member to represent the ASSL on any board or at any conference following a fair selection.
      9. The Council shall have the power after holding such an inquiry as it deems necessary, to take disciplinary action as it thinks fit, including the expulsion of a member whose conduct is prejudicial to the good reputation of the ASSL and the honour of the profession.
      10. The Council shall have the power to make decisions on any matter which is not covered in the above rules but which is not inconsistent with the constitution.
      11. Council members shall organize seminars/workshops in their area of specialization in order to disseminate knowledge.

  16. Meetings
    1. Ordinary meeting - shall be held at least twice each year.
    2. Participation of non-members. The Council may invite persons who are non-members of the society to participate in the proceeding of such meetings.
    3. Emergency meetings can be held with 48 hrs of notice, the quorum shall be 5.

  17. General meeting will be held annually.

    1. It shall be held on any day between 1st January and 31st May of each year. The Council shall call for nominations for the following posts at least one calendar month prior to the date of the General Meeting:
      1. President
      2. Vice President
      3. Secretary
      4. President elect
      5. Assistant Secretary
      6. Treasurer
      7. Assistant Treasurer
      8. Social Secretary
      9. Editor
      10. Assistant Editor
      11. Twelve members as per 9

    2. The agenda of the meeting shall include the election of members of the Council, the election of an Auditor, the presentation of the Annual Report and the Statement of Accounts. The agenda for such a meeting shall be circulated to members at least fourteen days prior to the date of the meeting.

    3. Resolutions: Notice of any resolution to be moved at such meeting shall be received by the secretary at least 21 days before the date of such a meeting.
      1. Extraordinary meeting: An extraordinary general meeting shall be convened by the general secretary at the request of the President or the Council or on a written request signed by at least ten members of the Society. Notice of such a meeting together with the agenda shall be circulated to members at least two weeks before the date of the proposed meeting.
      2. Quorum: The quorum for an ordinary meeting shall be 9 members and for the Annual General Meeting or an extraordinary meeting shall be10 members.
      3. Vote: The right to vote at all meeting shall be restricted to those members of the Society who are not in default of their membership fees for the current Year.
      4. Grants: The Council shall have power to accept as well as disburse grants in pursuance of the objectives of ASSL.


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